Jump-throw part of Jeter's aura

Jump-throw part of Jeter's aura

MINNEAPOLIS -- No matter how many times Derek Jeter ranges a few steps to his right and uncorks a throw to first base, the play always seems to look pretty -- and is a staple of what Jeter will be remembered for defensively when his career is over.

But when Jeter does it right, as the shortstop did in the sixth inning of Wednesday's 1-0 victory over the Twins, even he is still able to take a few notes of satisfaction. Jeter's strong throw saved at least one run when he retired Delmon Young to end the frame, stranding two men aboard.

"It's not second-nature," Jeter said. "It's not like that's an easy play to make. I work on it, and sometimes the opportunity comes up. It's not like that play is a given. I think a lot of times, people expect you to make it, but it's not easy."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he never gets tired of seeing the Jeter jump-throw.

"He's made it as good as anyone I've ever seen," Girardi said. "It's an impressive play. Delmon Young, I know he's not Denard Span, but he still runs pretty good."

Jeter said that he couldn't select which he'd enjoyed more -- the defensive play or his solo home run off Brian Duensing, which proved to be a game-winner.

"I just want to have good at-bats where you feel comfortable," Jeter said. "I've felt pretty comfortable the last few games. There was a stretch there where I wasn't getting a lot of hits where I felt comfortable. Some days, it was not as good, but you just want to have consistent at-bats."