Posada may return sooner, not later

Posada may return sooner, not later

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Yankees might get Jorge Posada back behind the plate sooner than originally anticipated.

Manager Joe Girardi said that Posada is moving around better on his fractured right foot, and that he plans to meet with the catcher on Friday at Yankee Stadium to determine the next step in his rehabilitation.

"He is feeling better, and we're going to try to come up with a course of action," Girardi said. "I can't tell you exactly when he will start baseball activities, but I want to see him and how he's moving around."

Posada has not played since May 16, when he took a foul tip off his right foot in a loss to the Twins. Since the injury, he has been examined by team physician Christopher Ahmad in New York.

When Posada was placed on the disabled list, he said that he could be back in as little as two weeks. The Yankees' estimate was more conservative, targeting Posada's return after three or four weeks.

"He does feel better, but feeling better sitting around and feeling better actually doing a lot are different things," Girardi said. "I feel good sitting around."