A-Rod talks to Huff, happy pitcher is OK

A-Rod talks to Huff, happy pitcher is OK

NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez was breathing a little easier on Sunday morning, having talked to Indians starter David Huff and learning that he was OK after being struck above the left ear by Rodriguez's line drive in the third inning on Saturday.

Rodriguez left the Yankees' clubhouse shortly after the completion of Saturday's game to see Huff in the hospital, but the pitcher was already back with the Indians at that point. Rodriguez was able to talk to him over the phone on Saturday night.

"We spoke for about five or 10 minutes, and he's just a really nice guy," Rodriguez said. "He was in good spirits. He said the results were good. There are more tests coming out and hopefully they'll be good, too."

Rodriguez compared the incident to one from two years ago, when a shot off the bat of Bobby Abreu hit Twins' pitcher Nick Blackburn in the head. This one was different, Rodriguez said, both because Huff remained motionless for so long and because the third baseman knew just how hard he hit the ball.

"David laid there for what seemed like 30 minutes, but was probably three or four minutes," Rodriguez said. "We're there with 50,000 people and only one person knows how hard you hit a guy. A lot of times you hit it back up the box, and you hit it off the end or off your hand a little. But I hit that ball really flush. He actually kidded with me yesterday that he was going to come find me during batting practice and ask me if that was my best shot, if that's all I got. My answer would have been, 'Yeah. That's all I got.'"

It wasn't too hard to discern just how hard Rodriguez had hit the ball after it ricocheted well into right field off of Huff's head. Once Rodriguez reached second safely, he took off his helmet and jogged toward the mound to check on the pitcher.

"I literally saw that ball go toward his head in slow motion," Rodriguez said. "It sounded like it hit cement, like a brick wall."

Huff appears to be fine after the scary moment, with Tribe manager Manny Acta reporting that the pitcher didn't have any concussive symptoms on Saturday. Huff is back with the team and may even make his next start.