Girardi not eager to expand replay

Girardi not eager to expand replay

TORONTO -- One day after Commissioner Bud Selig's statement that the League would look into expanding instant replay, manager Joe Girardi said he doesn't want technology to take over the game.

"There's always been human element in the game. I don't think we should take that away where you do everything with videotape and a robot. I don't want to see that," Girardi said. "My concern is always the rhythm that your pitcher stays in and the rhythm that your players stay in. That's extremely important to me."

Girardi said even the delays to determine boundary calls on home runs often lead to a "lull" that can affect a pitcher's rhythm. He added that he learned as a broadcaster how much slower the game appears when you're not on the field.

"It moves quick when you're out here; it moves slow when you're up there," Girardi said pointing up to the stands. "When you're playing it, it's fast. ... When we look at [replay], we see it moving slow and think, 'How can they miss that?'"

While Girardi did acknowledge that replay in the National Football League has generally been a success, he didn't know how he'd feel about it if he were a coach on the sidelines.

"To me, it's different because I'm not on the field," he said. "When you're a fan of the game, when there's a replay, we might get something to eat. You're in the comfort of your own home, and you might get up and go do something."