Girardi keeping close eye on Posada

Girardi keeping close eye on Posada

PHOENIX -- The moments when Jorge Posada is coming off the field are the ones that Yankees manager Joe Girardi pays special attention to, because they are the opportunities that his hard-nosed catcher might let his guard down and hint at pain.

Thus far, Girardi has been pleased to see that Posada has not winced or limped as he returns to the dugout, and that is yet another encouraging sign. Girardi remains optimistic that he will be able to catch Posada twice in the Yankees' upcoming three-game series against the Dodgers.

"I think he's doing fine," Girardi said of Posada. "He blocked a number of balls last night and threw a guy out the other day. I do watch when he walks back into the dugout, because that's when I think you might see if he's got a little limp. I saw it one day that he expressed to me that he was sore, and I took him out, but I haven't seen it [lately]."

Girardi said that he did not feel the need to check with Posada on Wednesday, believing that he'd come through back-to-back nights behind the plate at Chase Field fine. Posada didn't start the Yankees' series finale with the D-backs on Wednesday, but he did enter as a pinch-hitter with two outs in the eighth inning, striking out swinging.

Posada has not caught three games in a row since May 1-3 in New York, and those dates stand out because the third game was one that Posada left with a right calf strain. Girardi said that he could not pick out a date when Posada might catch three straight games again.

"Some of it depends on the weather and how hot it is, and our schedule," Girardi said. "I just remember the last time I played him three days in a row, he came up with the calf [strain] that bothered him. That sticks in my mind, so let's be cautious."