Burnett won't shy away from pie

Burnett won't shy away from pie

CLEVELAND -- A.J. Burnett wasn't aware of Chris Coghlan's zany injury when he reported to Progressive Field on Tuesday. Truth be told, Burnett said he had never heard of the Marlins outfielder, who was last year's National League Rookie of the Year.

But Coghlan's tale should become a cautionary one, after he suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee while hitting teammate Wes Helms with a celebratory pie in the face on Sunday after a walk-off victory against the Braves. Coghlan said he jumped and landed wrong on his knee.

Burnett said he hadn't seen the injury, so he couldn't speak to it, but was baffled how someone could be injured by doing what he has made into a Yankees trademark.

"I don't exactly go full sprint into somebody with a pie," Burnett said. "I don't know. Stuff happens, I guess."

Coghlan's injury comes after the Angels' Kendry Morales was lost for the season in May, suffering a broken leg while leaping onto home plate to celebrate a walk-off grand slam. Burnett said the two events would not make him curtail his actions during the Yankees' next dramatic victory.

"You can't take the fun out of the game," Burnett said. "Celebrations at home and now pies. What's next?"

In Florida, Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez has banned the pie celebrations. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he didn't feel the need to talk to his team.

"It's a shame that it happened that way [for Coghlan]," Girardi said. "A.J.'s had a lot of practice at it and seems pretty efficient at it. You've had two injuries in celebrations, but the one thing that I want to be careful about is you don't take the enjoyment out of the game. It's a fine line that you walk."