Munson's anniversary special to Posada

Munson's anniversary special to Posada

NEW YORK -- No one had to remind catcher Jorge Posada what makes Aug. 2 a significant day.

Aug. 2, 1979, was one of the darkest days in Yankees history, when catching legend Thurman Munson died in a plane crash. Posada, a noted Yankees historian, has always tried to honor the memory of Munson with his play on the field.

Posada's play was so reminiscent of Munson's, in fact, that Munson's wife, Diana, cited it as one of the reasons she started watching baseball again.

"She said she stopped watching baseball, and when I was here she started watching it again because I reminded her of him," Posada said. "It meant a lot for me to hear those words from her."

Posada was only 8 years old when Munson died, but he has learned about him through videos the Yankees have given him. Posada even has a newspaper clipping celebrating Munson in his locker and a No. 15 sticker on his laptop.

"I still get a little bit of the chills watching the videos," Posada said. "There's some kind of connection. I feel like I know him. ... He meant a lot to me."

Last year, on the 30th anniversary of Munson's death, Posada wore a No. 15 on his mask. He said that got him in some trouble, although he wouldn't specify with whom it was.

-- Tim Britton