Granderson's hard work yielding results

Granderson's hard work yielding results

TORONTO -- Curtis Granderson didn't take any extra pride that his homer Tuesday had been launched off a left-handed pitcher, saying that the most important thing was the three runs it brought in.

But Granderson has been chasing more runners around the bases of late, reaping the rewards from a set of changes hitting coach Kevin Long put into his swing during a series at Texas earlier this season.

Since Aug. 12 at Kansas City, when the Yankees put Granderson back in the lineup after he had spent time breaking down the swing in Arlington, Granderson is hitting .326 (14-for-43) with seven runs scored, two doubles, four homers and eight RBIs.

"I'm just trying to get hits and help the team out," Granderson said. "It's one of the things you can't take for granted. ... Everything is taking steps to where we want it to be -- getting more comfortable at the plate, using what we've been working on -- and I just continue to have a chance every time I go up there.

"There's some timing issues that we're still working out, but that's all part of it. It's a good issue to have, because that means we're short and quick. We've just got to allow the ball some time to get there."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he would not be surprised if Granderson -- a 2009 All-Star with the Tigers -- could stay on a hot run to close the season, especially after Long's adjustments seem to have taken hold.

"I saw Kevin and what he did with Swish [Nick Swisher] last year," Girardi said. "Sometimes it's difficult to get a guy right away. You have to go through things and learn their swing before you can make some kinds of adjustments."