TWIB features Yankees in latest episode

TWIB features Yankees in latest episode

The Yankees are the latest team to be featured on "This Week in Baseball," which is back for a 29th season with a brand-new format.

The popular band, Taking Back Sunday, pays a visit to Yankee Stadium to soak in the history, and they take TWIB along for the ride.

Band members Mark O'Connell and Eddie Reyes take TWIB on a trip to the Bronx, where the two New York natives receive a tour of the legendary ballpark from Yankee Stadium tour guide Tony Morante, who takes them to the dugout and into Monument Park.

During the first part of the show, O'Connell and Reyes recall their favorite moments growing up as Yankees fans, discussing players from Don Mattingly to Mariano Rivera.

TWIB also hears from Johnny Damon, who had some fun with the fact that he had to "clean up" his style to fit in with the Yankees. Derek Jeter talks about the competition in the tough AL East, while Bernie Williams talks about his new role with the team this season.

In typical Yankees style, the first act ends with one of the latest in a long line of great Yankees moments: Jorge Posada's walk-off home run against the Rangers.

The two band members return for the second part of the show, as they go through a Top 5 of fun facts you may not know about the Yankees.

Power hitters are the subject of this week's "Pepsi's Pitch, Hit and Run" segment, the weekly feature which highlights a different skill, as told from the perspective of the game's top players.

The "Front Row Fans" segment features rapper and actor Fat Joe, who will join other Yankees fans to show his love of the Bronx Bombers.

Fat Joe talks about his New York roots growing up in the Bronx, just a few short blocks from the House That Ruth Built, where he would spend many days sitting in the bleachers. He also explains how today he enjoys going to the game because he can be just a regular fan, cheering on and rooting for his favorite players, including Jeter.

In the "Pitch, Hit and Run" segment, TWIB highlights the game's best power hitters and breaks down what makes them so good.

TWIB takes a look at, among others, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, David Ortiz and Jim Thome, hearing from the sluggers and their teammates, opposing players, managers and coaches from around the league, to find out what makes these guys tick.

As always, the show closes with the "How 'Bout That" segment, a tribute to former Yankees broadcaster Mel Allen. The highlight-driven piece will be set to Taking Back Sunday's new single, "Make Damn Sure."

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