Girardi prepares, doesn't second-guess

Girardi prepares, doesn't second-guess

NEW YORK -- Just because manager Joe Girardi has heard the boos and the criticism for how he has used his players of late doesn't mean he's listening to it.

"I really believe that if you don't have a belief system and if you're not prepared, then you will be influenced by outside influences," Girardi said. "You can't be influenced if people don't necessarily like what you're doing. Our game lends itself to a lot of that [second-guessing], and I'm OK with that."

Girardi's cautious use of his bullpen was on display on Wednesday, when he went to Royce Ring, Dustin Moseley, Chad Gaudin and Jonathan Albaladejo in a crucial matchup against the Rays. All four allowed at least one earned run in the 7-2 loss.

Afterward, Girardi explained that David Robertson was unavailable because of back spasms and that he wanted to stay away from Boone Logan and Joba Chamberlain.

He understands that the subsequent criticism is all part of being the manager of the Yankees. That's why he leaves the second-guessing to others.

Asked if he second-guesses himself, Girardi replied, "Very seldom, because of the preparation that we do. I'm not a whim guy. Not every decision that you make is going to work."