Posada eager to match up with Burnett

Posada eager to match up with Burnett

TORONTO -- Jorge Posada was less than pleased last year when the Yankees opted to pair another catcher with A.J. Burnett during the postseason, and the 39-year-old veteran is hoping he will get a chance to avoid a repeat in 2010.

Posada said Monday that he was disappointed that manager Joe Girardi did not pencil him into the lineup against the Blue Jays, instead keeping Burnett with backup catcher Francisco Cervelli.

"I want to be back there," Posada said. "I thought I was going to get the chance today. It didn't happen. [It was a] tough game yesterday, and it's disappointing that I'm not back there again."

Unlike last year, when Girardi kept Burnett with understudy Jose Molina to winning results, Girardi said that he is heavily considering putting Burnett and Posada together in the playoffs. Girardi said he was leaning toward catching Posada on Monday before the Yankees went into extra innings against the Red Sox on Sunday.

"In the back of my mind, before we went through last night, I was probably going to start him tonight," Girardi said. "But with the long game -- getting in at 4 o'clock, I thought it was probably in the best interests not to."

Posada said that he thought he might be in the lineup Monday after talking to Burnett and pitching coach Dave Eiland this week. He could be behind the plate if Burnett makes a start this weekend at Fenway Park.

"I want to be able to be prepared and be back there, knowing what he wants to do and just see it, and have a good game back there, so he can be comfortable with me in the playoffs," Posada said.