No rest yet for Yankees' regulars

No rest yet for Yankees' regulars

TORONTO -- Considering the Yankees clinched a playoff spot with Tuesday's win over the Blue Jays, they trotted out a pretty regular starting lineup for Wednesday's series finale at Rogers Centre.

Only center fielder Greg Golson was an irregular, taking over for Curtis Granderson and batting ninth.

Manager Joe Girardi reminded that the Yankees are still contending for first place in the American League East and for the best record in the league.

"We're going to be smart about it, but we're still playing to win this division," Girardi said.

Players like third baseman Alex Rodriguez and first baseman Mark Teixeira have physical problems that might be helped by rest.

"I talked to them and they feel good," Girardi said. "When you're trying to win the division, you want those guys in the lineup."

With the playoffs beginning Oct. 6, the Yankees will get a couple days off after Sunday's finale.

"They're going to get Monday and Tuesday next week, and I talked to [Teixeira] and he said he feels good," Girardi said. "He said he wants to play, and I said 'OK.' These guys know their bodies better than I do, that's for sure, and I'll listen to them."

Girardi also got a similar answer from Rodriguez.

"I talked to him, and he said he feels good," Girardi said. "If he feels good, I'm going to play him because of who he is."

Girardi said there might have been some misunderstanding about the Yankees' intentions of going for the division "when we said we're not going to hurt anyone to win our division.

"When [Nick] Swisher had to take a week off, that wasn't because we were resting him," Girardi said. "He was hurt. Teixeira had the bad hand, he was hurt.

"We've never stopped trying to win our division and have the best record in the American League."