Swisher keeps last October in the past

Swisher keeps last October in the past

MINNEAPOLIS -- The frustration in Nick Swisher's voice became more evident with each passing day of the 2009 postseason, his offensive struggles at the plate eventually forcing him to sit out a World Series game.

Swisher's 6-for-47 (.128) showing in last year's postseason was a motivating force when the switch-hitter returned home for the winter, retooling his swing and losing 20 pounds. Now that he is back in the spotlight, Swisher will be trying to get it right.

"Obviously that's in the back of my mind, no doubt, but obviously this year is a lot different for me," Swisher said. "The regular season has shown that. For me, I've got to keep going out there and doing what I've done all year long. The one thing I've tried to preach all year to myself is to just stay consistent with what I'm doing, and I think I've done a pretty good job with that."

Playing his second year in New York, Swisher wrapped up the season batting .288 with 29 home runs and 89 RBIs, vowing that he would never again have to look up at the scoreboard before his at-bats and see a batting average challenging the Mendoza line.

"I just think I was so bad last year in the postseason," Swisher said. "I got off to a bad start, and it was kind of like being in quicksand. The harder I was trying to get out of it, the worse I was doing.

"[Former NFL coach] Tony Dungy once said, 'The less you do, the more you get.' I think that's maybe it for me -- just relax, stay consistent to what you've done all season long and we'll see what happens at the end."