Girardi open to revised replay in October

Girardi open to revised replay in October

MINNEAPOLIS -- One idea Yankees manager Joe Girardi has brainstormed about is expanding instant replay for postseason games, perhaps stationing an extra umpire in front of a video screen so calls could be made on demand.

The comment comes on the heels of Wednesday's trapped-ball call in the ninth inning of American League Division Series Game 1, which the Yankees believe was actually a game-ending shoestring catch by right fielder Greg Golson.

Right-field umpire Chris Guccione ruled the play a trapped ball, giving Delmon Young a single. The umpires convened to discuss the call at Girardi's request, but the original call stood, bringing up power-hitting Jim Thome representing the tying run. Mariano Rivera got the slugger to pop out, preserving a 6-4 Yankees win.

"The thing about expanded replay, for me, is could they review that play as quickly as they talked about it? Probably," Girardi said. "It's the same amount of time; it may even be less time. Once a play is reviewed, you're not really allowed to argue it.

"There are times where the umpires talk, convene, they come back with a decision and then they might argue for a while. It could actually speed up the game."

Girardi said that he doesn't believe it hurts to have the outfield umpires during postseason games, though Guccione's call reminded many of last year's ALDS, when left-field umpire Phil Cuzzi called a Joe Mauer drive foul, though the ball landed in fair territory.

Instant replay could eliminate those instances, Girardi said, and he would be in favor of expanding its use as long as it does not affect the pace of the game.

"To me, that's the great thing about technology," Girardi said. "They can slow everything down, and there are different things that you can do. You could have an umpire right in front of a TV, and it could be [quick]."