No return to Wrigley Field for Girardi

No return to Wrigley Field for Girardi

NEW YORK -- Now that the Cubs have decided to stay with Mike Quade as their manager, signing him to a two-year contract extension on Tuesday, Joe Girardi can officially put aside all questions about his interest in heading back to Wrigley Field in a new job capacity.

Girardi's name had come up as a possible option after Lou Piniella retired in August, although the Yankees manager sidestepped any inquiries about the position, save for one day during a series against the White Sox when he entertained Chicago reporters on the topic.

"I wasn't really worried one way or the other," Girardi said. "I worry about now. I'm not going to worry about next year. None of us know what life holds for us next year. I try to concentrate on what's going on. My faith, I believe, allows me to do that."

Girardi is in the final year of a three-year contract as the Yankees' manager, a run that has seen him win the World Series and take his team to the American League Championship Series after missing the postseason in 2008. Girardi congratulated Quade on the position, but said that the Cubs' announcement was no relief to him.

"It was just questions that I had to answer, and you know I'm not big on speculation," Girardi said. "I didn't talk to anyone. I'm focused on this."