Hughes' missing velocity may be in windup

Hughes' missing velocity may be in windup

Hughes' missing velocity may be in windup
BOSTON -- Phil Hughes focused more on using his lower half during a bullpen session on Sunday at Fenway Park, which the right-hander hopes may help him reclaim some of his missing velocity.

"Even though I'm fairly confident it's more of an arm strength issue, I'm still trying to clean some things up in my delivery and hopefully get things back on track," said Hughes, who will next start on Wednesday against the Orioles in New York.

Hughes said that pitching coach Larry Rothschild reviewed video of him and spotted a slight mechanical difference in his lower body, where Hughes was more deliberate with his delivery last season. The Yankees are hoping there is a correlation.

"It's impossible to tell," Hughes said. "If I knew the answer, I'd get on it as soon as possible. We're just trying to find anything we can to get things right again and get back on track."

Despite the dip in velocity that has Hughes living mostly between 88 and 90 mph, the Yankees have said that since the right-hander has not complained of any injury-related issues, there is no reason to send him to be checked out by team medical staff.

Hughes said he would get no additional peace of mind from such a visit.

"Not really," Hughes said. "I'd feel it if I was [hurt]. I don't really feel like it's an issue."