Posada asked off Yanks, report says

Posada asked off Yanks, report says

Posada asked off Yanks, report says
ST. PETERSBURG -- The confrontation between Jorge Posada and general manager Brian Cashman grew so heated on Saturday that the switch-hitter asked off the roster, according to the New York Daily News.

The newspaper, citing team sources, reported on its website Monday that Posada was so frustrated by his situation that he told Cashman and manager Joe Girardi that he wanted off the Yankees.

"It was just something said in the heat of anger and frustration," a source close to Posada told the newspaper. "He didn't want out and doesn't want out. He was just frustrated and said a lot of things."

Cashman was tight-lipped when he addressed reporters during Saturday's game, saying that there was no injury keeping Posada out of the lineup. Posada would later claim that he had been bothered by back stiffness.

In a telling quote, however, Cashman was asked what the episode meant for Posada's future, and he replied at the time, "I don't know."

Posada is in the final year of a four-year contract that will pay him a total of $13.1 million this year. He has said that he has been feeling "a little bit" disrespected by the organization since November, when Cashman told Posada that the Yankees no longer wanted him to be a catcher.

The Posada episode started to be resolved on Sunday, when Posada apologized to Girardi and Cashman.

"I had a bad day," Posada said on Sunday. "Reflecting on it, everything, all the frustration, just came out. I'm trying to move on."

Posada did not speak to reporters before Monday's game against the Rays. Cashman sent word via the team's public-relations department that he also would not be returning calls.