With Martin out, Jorge would catch if needed

With Martin out, Jorge would catch if needed

With Martin out, Jorge would catch if needed
NEW YORK -- Yankees catcher Russell Martin was out of the starting lineup for a third straight game on Friday against the Indians due to back stiffness, though the team does not believe a roster move is necessary at this time.

Francisco Cervelli again got the nod behind the plate as the Yankees opened a four-game series. Martin said that he has felt some improvement and hopes to be ready to catch on Sunday.

"I'm probably going to hit and swing [Saturday], and there's a good chance I'll be ready to play Sunday," Martin said. "That's what we're hoping for. I'll have to see what happens when I hit and throw [Saturday], but right now, with the progress I'm having, I don't think it should be a problem to catch."

Martin said that he is still feeling slight discomfort but added, "Compared to the first couple days, it's night and day."

Girardi said that having Jorge Posada on the roster as an emergency catcher has provided him with some comfort, reducing the urgency of getting another catcher to New York.

"I still think we're OK for a while, just because we do have Jorge in case of emergency," Girardi said. "It'd be different if we didn't have Jorge."

Then again, Posada has not caught since last season, told by the team to concentrate only on his duties as the designated hitter.

Posada, 39, did not catch at all in Spring Training, and Girardi mentioned then that the effects of repeated concussions were a concern. Girardi said that Posada has not done so much as squat for a bullpen session recently.

"If we're using him, it'll be in an emergency situation," Girardi said. "My hope is, he hasn't forgotten."

Posada said after an extra-inning game in Baltimore last month that he would have been ready to come in to catch, had there been a reason to.

Girardi said that he hopes to have Martin starting behind the plate on Saturday or Sunday, and that Martin's issues have not given him any pause in reconsidering how the team views Posada.

"None whatsoever," Girardi said. "Our plans were to have Russell Martin be our catcher. When a guy goes down for a couple of days, you don't throw your whole plan out the window. Russell has caught a lot of ballgames for us and been very good back there."