Posada swinging hot bat of late

Posada swinging hot bat of late

Posada swinging hot bat of late
NEW YORK -- Jorge Posada entered play Monday hitting .345 since asking out of the lineup May 14 before a game against the Red Sox, raising his batting average from .165 to .226.

"I think everything kind of came to a head for Jorgie on that day, and I think he was able to release some frustration," manager Joe Girardi said. "And it was probably good for him, it was probably good for all of us. And it just seems like he's continued to work. He's put good at-bat after good at-bat, and it's turned around for him. We believed that he was going to hit, and it just took a little bit longer, maybe, this year than it has for some other guys. But he's swung the bat great."

That has been particularly true since June 5. In six games between that date and Monday's finale with Cleveland, Posada was 13-for-22 (.591).

But the 17-year Yankees veteran -- who said the May 14 episode is behind him -- cannot seem to put a finger on what has been going right for him after a trying start to a new role as a designated hitter.

"Just kept fighting," Posada said. "It's really just one of those things -- keep working and keep working and keep fighting. And good things are happening now."

Girardi said he would not shy away from starting Posada against left-handers, which the Yankees will face Wednesday and Thursday, in Texas' Derek Holland and C.J. Wilson. Posada had started the season 0-for-27 against southpaws but is 3-for-5 since.

If there is a bad time to be on a hot streak, it may soon be approaching for Posada, as the Yankees will play in National League cities for six games starting Friday in Chicago.

"I don't know what's going to happen, to tell you the truth," Posada said. "I'll be ready in case they need me."