Cano might have father pitch to him in Derby

Cano might have father pitch to him in Derby

Cano might have father pitch to him in Derby
NEW YORK -- Robinson Cano hasn't decided for sure, but he is leaning toward having his father, a former Major Leaguer, pitch to him at Monday's Home Run Derby in Phoenix.

Jose Cano, 49, pitched six games for the Astros in 1989.

"It would be just good to have a guy, someone who really knows you and knows what part of the plate you can hit the ball better," Cano said. "It's going to be really nice to have my dad throw me BP. It's something that's going to be in my mind and my heart for the rest of my life. "

Cano will join Jose Bautista, David Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez in representing the American League. The National League will send Matt Holliday, Prince Fielder, Matt Kemp and Rickie Weeks. On Tuesday, Cano will play in his second consecutive All-Star Game.

"Every year, I get more and more excited about it," Cano said. "That's why we all work hard. I don't want just to play 162 games and go home. This is the kind of stuff you can have good memories and show your kids. You can make any kind of money, but you have the jerseys, trophies, those are the kind of things you can show your kids."

Of the six Yankees selected to the All-Star Game, only Cano, Curtis Granderson and Russell Martin will be in Phoenix. Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera will all miss the game in order to rest injuries.

"It's really sad. You can say three Hall of Famers, you can say that you went to the All-Star Game with them, and you have a good memory," Cano said. "But they're not going. I know they would like to go, but this is life in the game of baseball. Not everything's going to be perfect."