Girardi favors adding extra player for twin bills

Girardi favors adding extra player for twin bills

BALTIMORE -- Yankees manager Joe Girardi is a proponent of changing Major League Baseball's rules for day-night doubleheaders, permitting teams to add extra players for a single day.

Girardi suggested that baseball should consider allowing clubs to add an extra pitcher or an extra position player for those games before rosters expand on Sept. 1.

"To me, it makes sense because the most important part of this game, I think, is the competitive play on the field and the product," Girardi said.

The topic was brought up because the Yankees said they were not interested in playing back-to-back doubleheaders against the Orioles on Sunday and Monday, a resolution that Baltimore's brass floated.

"Physically, how do you do that?" Girardi said. "How do you physically do that when you're playing day after day after day? You're talking about risking injury to players and trying to manage a pitching staff."

Instead, the Yankees have been scheduled to play a Sept. 8 makeup game at Camden Yards, deleting one of the club's twp remaining off-days.

Girardi said that he would prefer to play that game at the conclusion of the regular season if necessary, or a split doubleheader at Yankee Stadium from Sept. 5-7, with the Yankees serving as the road team.