Teixeira no stranger to getting plunked on knee

Teixeira no stranger to getting plunked on knee

Teixeira no stranger to getting plunked on knee
BOSTON -- Mark Teixeira's right knee is not faring well against the Red Sox.

Hit on the inside of the knee by Jon Lester in June, Teixeira on Thursday night took one on the outside of the knee from the first reliever who followed Lester to the mound at Fenway Park.

Teixeira dropped to the ground and could be heard yelling in pain when Alfredo Aceves' breaking ball caught him in the sixth inning of a 4-2 Yankees win, and said afterward the pitch "couldn't have gotten me in a worse spot."

"Right on the side of the knee, got bone and ligaments," he said. "Got it all."

Teixeira was batting left-handed against the righty Aceves. He stayed in the field for the bottom of the inning before he was examined and told by assistant trainer Steve Donohue he was done for the day. No X-rays were taken.

In the clubhouse after the game, Teixeira was limping and had a large ice wrap around the knee, but he did not rule out playing Friday night vs. the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.

After Lester hit him in June, Teixeira was able to return to the lineup the next day, but he admits there's always a fear for the long-term.

"Anytime you get hit, I've got hit in the knee a couple times this year, and anytime you do it, you really get worried, because you just never know," Teixeira said. "I always try to play, but we'll just see how it feels in the morning."

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