Yanks host fundraiser for women's group

Yanks host fundraiser for women's group

Yanks host fundraiser for women's group
NEW YORK -- Jean Afterman shares her most important views within the Yankees' front office, but on Friday, the team's vice president and assistant general manager found herself offering another type of opinion: fashion tips.

Afterman, along with Mindy Franklin Levine, the wife of Yankees president Randy Levine, hosted a reception before Friday's game to promote Same Sky. The organization employs women to make crocheted and beaded bracelets in Rwanda and Zambia, two countries plagued by genocide and the HIV virus. Bracelets in a wide variety of colors and styles were on display in a Yankee Stadium suite lounge.

The reception, an idea of Mindy Levine and held for the second straight year in the Bronx, allowed people to buy Same Sky bracelets and have the proceeds reinvested in the company to help extend its reach.

"I think it was very successful last year," Afterman said. "And I think it speaks to what we try to do with the Yankees, which is to empower people to believe in themselves. So this is just another sort of extension of being out there in the world."

Intricate jewelry and the Yankees might not seem to go together, but thanks to the work of Afterman and Levine, they did Friday.

"The most of important part of it is women working for themselves and for their families," Afterman said. "I think that's what most people don't know about us as a professional sports organization. We have women who have jobs throughout the organization. People think of baseball, they think baseball and boys, but it's really also all about girls as well."

Afterman wasn't sure of the quality of her fashion opinions, though.

"I don't know if my advice is necessarily good," Afterman said. "I'm very firm on, 'That color is good, that color is good and that color is good.' I'm not very discerning. Everything looks good."