Feliciano might miss 2012 following surgery

Feliciano might miss 2012 following surgery

SEATTLE -- Pedro Feliciano's two-year contract with the Yankees could end without the left-hander having thrown a regular-season pitch for the club.

The Yankees announced that Feliciano had left rotator cuff surgery on Sept. 8, following an unsuccessful attempt to rehab a torn capsule.

The procedure will threaten his 2012 season as well, and Yankees manager Joe Girardi has raised the possibility that such a serious injury at this late stage could actually end Feliciano's career.

"I would be surprised if he pitched next year," Girardi said.

Feliciano, 35, signed a two-year, $8 million deal with the Yankees over the winter, crossing boroughs from the Mets.

He led the Major Leagues in relief outings in each of the last three seasons, setting a record with 266 total appearances over the three-year stretch.