For Rivera, focus is back on pennant race

For Rivera, focus is back on pennant race

NEW YORK -- Former all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman and the president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, were among the multitude of friends and family who contacted Yankees closer Mariano Rivera on Monday to congratulate him on his record-breaking 602nd save.

But despite all the accolades, Rivera arrived at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday afternoon ready to get back to work against the Rays.

"It won't change. What I said yesterday, I'll say today," Rivera said. "Yes, it's nice, but we've got business to take care of tonight. Yesterday's over. Tonight's a new game. We have to get ready for the game. I don't have time to be thinking of what happened yesterday. I thank God for [yesterday], but [today] we've got a new one."

Rivera spent the evening at a retirement party for longtime Yankees trainer Gene Monahan. Rivera said he had a nice time at the party and that the focus was on "Geno," and not his ascension to becoming the all-time saves leader. Though he said it was an honor to receive a phone call from the president of his home country and appreciated Hoffman's class, Rivera said he's glad to have all the hubbub over and out of the way.

"Thank God, good thing it's over," Rivera said. "I have to move on and concentrate on really what we're here for, and that's the pennant race."