Yanks weighing ALDS pitching possibilities

Yanks weighing ALDS pitching possibilities

Yanks weighing ALDS pitching possibilities
ST. PETERSBURG -- The Yankees' decision-makers huddled in the visiting manager's office at Tropicana Field on Tuesday, conducting their first official meeting to hammer out the postseason roster.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that there was a "healthy dialogue," but the team still has more conversations to have and will resume going over advance scouting information on Tuesday.

"There are certain aspects of the roster that are a lot more discussable than others," Cashman said. "I know one thing -- it's going to be hard. We've got a lot of talent there."

Cashman strongly hinted that the team has already decided on its Game 3 starter for the American League Division Series. He would not name the pitcher, but Freddy Garcia has been thought to be a front-runner.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi noted that the team will not carry 12 pitchers for the ALDS. While an 11-man staff is likely, Girardi also floated the idea of having just 10 pitchers.

"You could," Cashman said. "But at the same time, it depends on how your pitching is pitching."

Cashman said the biggest debates concern carrying two extra starters in the bullpen or having two extra relievers, as well as the makeup of the bench.

The only decision that hinges on who the Yankees play, Cashman said, is whether to take Raul Valdes as a second lefty out of the bullpen. A stacked Rangers lineup may make that more appealing.

"It's a discussion point," Cashman said. "That's one area that it would probably apply, if you're playing an offense with a lot of lefties and stuff like that. That could necessitate something."