Aware of Mo's plan, Jeter keeping mum

Aware of Mo's plan, Jeter keeping mum

Aware of Mo's plan, Jeter keeping mum
TAMPA, Fla. -- Derek Jeter knows what Mariano Rivera's big secret is, but the Yankees captain isn't saying.

Following a workout at the club's Himes Avenue Minor League complex on Wednesday, Jeter said that he has spoken to Rivera about his recent decision, but the shortstop wasn't prepared to reveal anything.

"I talked to Mo," Jeter told reporters. "You're not going to get anything from me about Mo. Mo told you what he wanted to tell you; he'll share his thoughts and opinions with you when he's ready."

Rivera said earlier this week that he reached a decision about his baseball future about two or three weeks ago, but had only told his family about it. That apparently includes his fellow remaining "Core Four" member.

"That's what we are," Rivera said.

Jeter said that he hopes observers will be able to focus on Rivera's on-field play and not be distracted by his future plans. Rivera is entering the final season of a two-year, $30 million contract with the Yankees.

"You appreciate him while he's here," said Jeter, who will report to camp with the club's position players on Friday. "I think everyone should just focus on that, as opposed to if and when he's going to retire."