Pie duty will likely fall to Swisher

Pie duty will likely fall to Swisher

TAMPA, Fla. -- Nick Swisher sounds like he is volunteering to deliver the Yankees' pies this season.

Swisher beamed when he was told of manager Joe Girardi's comments, in which he said that Swisher might be the likeliest choice to take over A.J. Burnett's practice of smashing teammates with whipped cream-filled towels after walk-off hits.

"You know, A.J. was a good buddy of mine, and he was a good buddy of all the guys in here," Swisher said. "I'm sad to see him go, and wish him the best of luck. We're going to have to keep something going, man, because people in New York want pie! You know, let's just keep it going."

It was pointed out that someone else would have to assume the responsibilities if Swisher was the one notching the walk-off hit.

"That's what I'm saying," Swisher said. "Can you pie yourself?"