Girardi: 'No communication' at end of tie game

Girardi: 'No communication' at end of tie game

TAMPA, Fla. -- Yankees manager Joe Girardi responded Friday to Boston skipper Bobby Valentine's assertion Thursday night that Girardi's decision to call the 4-4 tie after nine innings was "not very courteous."

Girardi said he was not approached by the umpires nor asked if he had extra pitchers ready Thursday night, the same thing that happened under similar circumstances a night earlier.

"I've got to worry about our club," Girardi said. "The day before, I was approached in the eighth inning, did we have extra pitchers, when we were in Tampa. I wasn't approached last night. I've got to worry about our club and keeping our club healthy and not putting people in bad situations and making sure our club is ready to play. He has to do the same thing for his club. As I said before, I'm going to worry about our guys."

Girardi said he wasn't aware of what all Valentine said, but he said it would have been "acceptable" to play another half-inning if Valentine did indeed want Clayton Mortensen to pitch, as he claimed Thursday night. Valentine said Mortensen, who was set to pitch the 10th before the game was called, could have used that time to help compete for a roster spot. Mortensen was optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket on Friday.

"There was no communication, and usually there is," Girardi said. "And it's not like this is something new. There's a lot of times in Spring Training games end in the ninth inning.

"I'm worried about our club. I've had a few things to handle today that I'm much more worried about, and I'll continue to worry about my club."