Move to Posada's locker humbles Cano

Move to Posada's locker humbles Cano

NEW YORK -- Robinson Cano has acquired some choice real estate at Yankee Stadium, moving into the locker stall previously occupied by Jorge Posada.

The Bombers' second baseman did not ask for the relocation, but he was pleased to find where equipment manager Rob Cucuzza had placed his nameplate before Friday's 5-0 win over the Angels in the Yankees' home opener.

"Being in Posada's locker, it's an honor," Cano said. "He was here for a long time -- one of the best catchers in Yankee history."

Posada's locker, adjacent to those of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, was always an interesting stop in the clubhouse. The top shelf featured mementos from Posada's career, including a yellowed newspaper clipping of a story about Thurman Munson.

"I've got to make him proud, to be in his locker," Cano said.