Green Monster quirk agitates Girardi

Green Monster quirk agitates Girardi

BOSTON -- Even after 100 years of service, Fenway Park's quirks are still drawing curiosity. That was the case for Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who was concerned during Friday's 6-2 Yankees win over the Red Sox about a hole in the left-field Green Monster.

The Monster has an opening between the "BALL" and "STRIKE" indicators for television cameras to operate -- the iconic Carlton Fisk shot in the 1975 World Series was captured from that location. Yet Girardi couldn't recall it ever being open for an entire game, as he said it was on Friday.

"As I said, I would hate to lose a game because a ball bounced in there," Girardi said.

Girardi checked with crew chief Tim Tschida, who said any ball hit inside the hole would be a ground-rule double. Girardi acknowledged that the odds of a ball going into that small space were slim and said that he didn't know if the hole would be open all day on Saturday.

"You have to live with it, but my thought is, there's a better way to do it, maybe," Girardi said.