For now, Robertson, Soriano will split ninth

For now, Robertson, Soriano will split ninth

For now, Robertson, Soriano will split ninth
KANSAS CITY -- The Yankees have said for years that the task of replacing Mariano Rivera may be too much for one man. They're hoping that two hurlers will be able to tackle the job.

David Robertson and Rafael Soriano will both pick up save opportunities in Rivera's absence, manager Joe Girardi said, not wanting to lock into a set closer one day after the 42-year-old was lost to a torn ACL and meniscus in his right knee.

"We're fortunate in that we believe we have two guys who are capable of doing it," Girardi said. "You look at what Robertson's done, he deserves an opportunity to do it. You look at Soriano's career -- what'd he have, 45 saves a couple years ago? We'll make a decision each day.

"You're probably going to see both of them at some point. I believe we have capable arms down there. Mo is Mo; I'm not saying it's easy to replace him, but guys have to step up a little bit, given an opportunity."

Girardi said that he would make sure not to have Robertson or Soriano surprised by their assignments on any given day. He pointed to Soriano's past success as a closer and Robertson's promise as positives.

"Would I like to have one set closer? Yes," Girardi said. "We're going to try to get to that. We've got to see how it irons out now. ... I can guarantee you're going to see them, probably both, in the eighth and ninth."

Rivera promised that he would be available to help, whether the ninth inning belongs to Robertson or Soriano.

"I said before that I will, whoever it is; I'll be around," Rivera said. "You guys don't get rid of me so easily. I'll be around, and we will talk. Definitely, all my advice and all my heart and all my knowledge will be there."