Pettitte throws to Martin for first time in return

Pettitte throws to Martin for first time in return

NEW YORK -- As Andy Pettitte takes the mound again for the Yankees on Sunday afternoon, much of what he sees will be familiar -- just about everything other than the man he's throwing to.

As Pettitte makes his first start since 2010, when he retired -- albeit temporarily -- in pinstripes, he'll be caught by Russell Martin, who became the Yankees' everyday catcher last season.

Manager Joe Girardi, who caught Pettitte during his own playing days from 1996-99, expects it to be a bit of a transition but nothing that either player can't handle.

"It's gonna take a little time," Girardi said. "To catch him on the side and have an idea of what he likes to do, then to catch him in the heat of the moment, that's a different story. Understanding what pitches he's better at making in the heat of the moment, that's something [Martin] will have to learn."

The Yankees entered Sunday having already used 14 pitchers this season and Girardi said the fact that Martin has been getting acclimated to new hurlers since he arrived in New York will serve him well while working with Pettitte.

"Russell needs to read what he's got, and I think he's pretty good at that," Girardi said. "And we'll go from there."

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