Yankees keep winning streak in perspective

Yankees keep winning streak in perspective

ANAHEIM -- Derek Jeter stood in front of his Yankee Stadium locker last week and observed with some measure of frustration how it seemed that opposing clubs were playing 20 defenders in the field.

As the Yankees enjoy a season-high five-game winning streak, it doesn't quite appear that way anymore.

"It always feels better when you're winning," Jeter said. "But like I told you a week ago, it's a long season. We've got 100-something games left. You're going to have good stretches and bad stretches."

Jeter added his own revision to a well-traveled quote, offering with a smirk, "When things are going poorly, you're usually not as bad as it looks. When things are going good, you're always that good."

The Yankees have been hitting more consistently, paced by Mark Teixeira, who busted out to go 10-for-23 with three homers and nine RBIs in his last six starts. New York's starting pitching has also been solid; they've held opponents to three earned runs or fewer over the last seven games entering play Monday.

"Obviously it feels better to win," Jeter said. "But we just want to play well. If we play well, the wins will be there."