For Martin, interaction with Diaz 'old news'

For Martin, interaction with Diaz 'old news'

For Martin, interaction with Diaz 'old news'
DETROIT -- Yankees catcher Russell Martin says he doesn't regret any of the postage comments he made about his interactions with umpire Laz Diaz on Wednesday, but hopes to put the issue to rest.

Martin said MLB executive vice president Joe Torre spoke to Martin to get his side of the story, and both Martin and Yankees manager Joe Girardi said the issue rests in the hands of the league.

"He just wanted to know what happened," Martin said of his conversation with Torre. "I guess he spoke to Laz and he wanted to speak to me, just to get both sides of the story. That's it."

As for what Diaz had to say, Martin said: "I don't know. I didn't ask. I didn't ask."

Martin said he doesn't want anybody to be fined.

"That day is over," Martin said. "I feel like it's already old news to me."

The Yankees catcher said after Wednesday's game against the Angels that he was "mystified" by Diaz's behavior, and that the umpire would not let Martin throw new baseballs back to the pitcher. Martin said Diaz told him it was "a privilege that I have to earn."

Diaz was not available for comment after the game.

"I know Russell was frustrated by it," Girardi said. "As players and umpires, you put things behind you and you just move on. You try to learn from everything that you go through."