Jeter feeds off unique energy of Subway Series

Jeter feeds off unique energy of Subway Series

Jeter feeds off unique energy of Subway Series
NEW YORK -- Derek Jeter has always done some of his best work against the Mets, so it is no stretch to think that the Yankees' captain feeds off the electricity of the Subway Series.

Jeter entered play on Friday with a career .381 batting average against the Mets, the highest all-time mark among players with a minimum of 150 plate appearances against the Bombers' crosstown rivals.

"I think the biggest thing is the atmosphere," Jeter said. "The fans get into it, whether it's here, the old Stadium, Shea Stadium or the new Mets stadium. The fans get into it. There's a lot of energy in the stadium, which makes it fun for us as players, regardless of what either teams' record is.

 "It seems like the atmosphere is a little bit higher, similar to when we play Boston. The atmosphere is great, and that always makes it fun for us."

That is not to say that Jeter would be upset if Major League Baseball carries through on a proposal to reduce the Subway Series from six games, editing the Interleague schedule next season to accommodate the Astros' move to the American League. It is possible that the Mets and Yankees might meet just three times in 2013, and Jeter said he'd prefer to see the Yankees go back to playing only AL clubs.

"I've always been kind of old school anyway," Jeter said. "I liked it when you didn't even face the National League. When I first came up, that's how it was. You'd play in the World Series, or hopefully you'd play in the World Series, and you hadn't seen the team. I understand it's great for the fans getting an opportunity to see players they don't normally see, but I kind of like it the other way."

Jeter seems to be in the minority among his Yankees teammates. Mark Teixeira said he'd like to see the Mets and Yankees play at least three times each season, and manager Joe Girardi opined that three meetings would be a perfect number.

"I've always thought there should be only three because I think there should be a winner every year for sure," Girardi said. "I would actually be in favor of that."