Girardi in favor of expanding instant replay

Girardi in favor of expanding instant replay

Girardi in favor of expanding instant replay
WASHINGTON -- Had there been a vehicle in place for the umpiring crew to review a key eighth-inning play at the plate on Saturday, Mark Teixeira would not have had a chance to slug a game-winning hit in the 14th inning.

Replays showed that the Nationals' Tyler Moore sneaked across home plate ahead of Russell Martin's tag in what eventually went as New York's 5-3 victory. Moore was called out by home-plate umpire Tim Timmons, following a terrific throw from right field by Dewayne Wise.

Still, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he would be in favor of expanding instant replay in baseball, even though it probably would have cost his team a game this weekend.

"They talk about how they believe it would slow the game down," Girardi said. "I think it would actually speed it up, because I don't think we would go out to argue and there wouldn't be discussions.

"I think the umpires are under so much scrutiny; I think their jobs are harder now than it's ever been, because you can slow everything down to super slow-mo and take a look at everything. I don't really believe that umpiring has changed over the years, but I just think that because of the ability that TV has, it's made their jobs tougher."

Girardi said he would be in favor of embracing that technology, permitting managers to use challenge flags to request replays or having a fifth umpire reviewing video somewhere in the stadium. Currently, video is only available for umpires to review home run calls.

"Any time there's change, it's hard for people," Girardi said. "Then a lot of times it grows on us and we learn to love it."

Wise said after the game that he'd heard the Yankees caught a break.

"I don't want to say it," Wise said. "But I made a good throw. The umpire said he was out. Make it close, you never know what might happen."