Girardi not bothered by Soriano's jersey antics

Girardi not bothered by Soriano's jersey antics

NEW YORK -- Rafael Soriano likes to untuck his jersey immediately after the final out of his saves, and though some fans have expressed displeasure with the act, Yankees manager Joe Girardi has no problem with it.

"It's been something that he's done; I don't think that he's showing anybody up," Girardi said. "We've had outfielders jump up, and I don't know what you want to call it, and that's not something I could ever imagine Paul O'Neill doing. But times change.

"I don't think he's doing anything to show anyone up, and that's always my concern. He's not doing anything that says, 'Look at me, look what I'm doing.' He's not pounding his chest or making big arm movements; he's just pulling his jersey out. Maybe it's more comfortable."

Girardi said that some of the reaction is probably due to the fact that Mariano Rivera has done the job in an understated fashion for so many years. If Girardi thought it was an issue, he said that it would have been addressed.

"I have not heard anything from the veteran guys in our clubhouse to say, 'What is he doing?'" Girardi said.