Despite initially getting day off, Jeter sees action

Despite initially getting day off, Jeter sees action

Despite initially getting day off, Jeter sees action
OAKLAND -- Derek Jeter did not start at either shortstop or designated hitter for just the third time in 95 games on Sunday. Yankees manager Joe Girardi wanted his shortstop to rest.

The breather didn't last long.

Jeter was in the field for the bottom of the eighth inning of a 5-4, 12-inning loss to the A's. That was two innings after his fill-in, Jayson Nix, couldn't turn a double play quickly enough, costing the Yankees a run as Oakland pulled to within 4-3.

Jeter did not save the day, though. His only at-bat was a strikeout in the 10th inning with runners on first and second and two out in a game tied at 4.

"They have some guys who know how to pitch," Jeter said. "Especially their starters. They did a good job against us these four games. I wouldn't say surprising."

In the 12th inning, a hot shot off the bat of Derek Norris "kicked up" on Jeter, he said, and went to left field for a single. Two batters later, Norris scored the winning run on a Coco Crisp single.

Girardi said the infield was unkind all-around on Sunday, not to just Nix and Jeter.

"There were some tricky hops on the infield today," Girardi said. "[A's shortstop Eric Sogard] had that one that Robbie [Cano] got on. Sometimes in day games and long games it gets real quick."

Nix said the Brandon Inge potential double-play ball he was slow to get over to second baseman Cano was a transfer issue.

"When you don't make a play that should be made, it's frustrating," Nix said. "The way the game ends doesn't change it at all. Whether we won by a lot, it doesn't change it. ... I just didn't transfer it cleanly."

Girardi's initial decision to rest Jeter was made without concern for the three-game losing streak the Yankees carried into the day, a streak that now sits at four.

"You know I think you have to be able to be able to rule out circumstances and make sure your guys stay healthy," Girardi said. "It's hot playing at home, we had a hot week, we came out here, we had long flights. He's played three days in a row out here, only DH'd him once in a long time and he played in the All-Star Game. So I just thought if we were going to give him a day, today was probably the day."

Jeter's made 81 starts at short and 11 at DH.