Yanks stick with Swisher at DH for time being

Yanks stick with Swisher at DH for time being

NEW YORK -- Nick Swisher started at designated hitter for the second day in a row on Monday, and he could continue to play that role for the rest of the Yankees' series against Baltimore.

"Just from some of the discussions that I've had with him, [it] just tells me to continue to DH him," manager Joe Girardi said. "I might DH him every day in this next three days. I'm not sure. I'll continue to discuss it with him, and see how he feels."

Swisher -- who hasn't played in the outfield since mildly straining his left hip flexor on July 20 -- worked with trainers for close to an hour before Monday's game. He feels ready to play at full speed, but with the way the team is playing, he sees no reason to rush back into the field. He shares Girardi's sentiments that the possibility of a setback just isn't worth returning to the outfield before everything checks out.

"Right now, with the way everything is going, we can afford to do this," Swisher said. "I guess that's kind of the answer. Why wouldn't we? As soon as we get back on the field playing, you don't want to leave for the rest of the time. If we can soak up a couple DH days, yesterday and today, maybe tomorrow I'll play the field and we'll go from there."

In Swisher's first game back as a starter on Sunday, he went 2-for-4 as a DH with Andruw Jones starting in left field and Ichiro Suzuki playing in right. Girardi said having a capable glove like Ichiro's has made it easier to sit Swisher until he's ready.

"It makes it easier," Girardi said. "I think you just have to be smart about it, and we've told him to be smart about it and communicate."