Girardi defends postgame actions toward unruly fan

Girardi defends postgame actions toward unruly fan

CLEVELAND -- Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he had no regrets about his actions outside the visiting clubhouse at U.S. Cellular Field on Wednesday, when he approached a rowdy heckler and demanded the fan be removed from the stadium.

Girardi was beginning his postgame interview session when the fan, who was exiting a suite area, loudly called Girardi a "bum" and taunted the manager about his club's 2-1 loss to the White Sox.

Girardi said he has heard worse from fans many times, but his issue was that the fan was yelling in an area where the wives and children of team personnel could be present. Girardi's wife, Kim, was nearby, as were his children.

"It's the family area, number one," Girardi said. "No one did anything, number two. It shouldn't take me getting upset to have to do something. My wife and kids were there, other kids were there, and I don't think families should be subject to that."

Girardi took a few steps toward the unruly fan and nudged a security guard, telling him to "shut that guy up," but the guard did not move from his seat on a golf cart outside the clubhouse. A video of the incident was posted online shortly after.

"I've said things to security people about people in the stands yelling obscenities to our players," Girardi said. "I've done it; knock it off. It's not right. I don't like it. Now if you want to yell an obscenity and I'm the only person around, go ahead, yell what you want. I don't care."