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Cashman: 'I believe in these guys'

Cashman: 'I believe in these guys'

Cashman: 'I believe in these guys'
NEW YORK -- As the Yankees returned to the Bronx with two consecutive wins Friday tied with the Orioles atop the American League East, general manager Brian Cashman remained confident the club he put together could make it the postseason, then make a deep run.

"I believe in these guys," Cashman said prior to a 6-4 loss that, coupled with the O's loss, kept the Yankees tied for first. "I do."

But at this point in the season, with September callups and any late-season acquisitions already made, there is little the general manager can do other than watch, and monitor injuries that plague the lineup.


"At this stage of the game, I have a front-row seat, but I'm more like a fan where all you can do is root for the home team," Cashman said. "The only thing I know is I have more intimate knowledge of what these guys may be going through prior to the game, which adds extra stuff to your plate to think through or worry about. [The fans] might not know as much as I do."