Girardi hesitant to turn to Soriano, Robertson

Girardi hesitant to turn to Soriano, Robertson

NEW YORK -- It is not the most settling feeling in the world, one would imagine, to glance at a lineup card and have no idea what is available in the bullpen for that day's game. That was Joe Girardi's scenario on Sunday afternoon.

The Yankees' manager said that he is concerned about the heavy workloads he has had to ask of closer Rafael Soriano and setup man David Robertson, acknowledging that both right-handers may be unavailable for Game 2 of the American League Championship Series against the Tigers.

"These guys have been overworked, our bullpen -- the Robertsons, the Sorianos -- and I'm not so sure their stuff when I brought them in the last two innings [of Game 1] wasn't on grit," Girardi said.

Even with Monday's off-day ahead, Girardi said that he wasn't certain how he would approach the late innings of Game 2 behind starter Hiroki Kuroda.

"I've got to see how they feel," Girardi said. "I don't even know if they're available to me. Robby had thrown four out of five days, then was up on the day we didn't use him against Baltimore [in AL Division Series Game 5]. Soriano was up on the day we didn't use him [in ALDS Game 5], threw two innings the day before, an inning and a third [before that]. I have no idea what I have."

One bonus is that Girardi said the Yankees would have the services of Joba Chamberlain for Game 2. That wasn't the case in Game 1, as Girardi bypassed Chamberlain in favor of losing pitcher David Phelps.