Video of Joba's arrest released

Video of Joba's arrest released

During his drunk-driving arrest last October, Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was videotaped making comments about New Yorkers and legendary Yankees catcher Yogi Berra, according to, which posted the arrest video Monday.

Chamberlain, 23, was pulled over for speeding in his home state of Nebraska and started a conversation with state patrol officer Michael Grummert, who found an open container of alcohol in the passenger seat of the pitcher's BMW.

After Grummert asked Chamberlain for his opinion of New York, Chamberlain said, "The biggest thing that I've noticed driving here and there is if you let somebody in (in Nebraska), they open the window and say, 'Thank you,'" Chamberlain said. "In New York, they might hit you."

Chamberlain also mentioned the fact that Berra always drops by Yankee Stadium to socialize with the players.

"Yogi comes in every couple of days," Chamberlain told Grummert. "And I go, 'Yogi, what the (heck) are you doin' here?'"

Chamberlain pleaded guilty to drunk driving last week, lost his drivers license for 60 days and received nine months of probation.

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