Set in stone: Sox fans contribute to Stadium

Red Sox fans contribute to Stadium

A group of hardworking Red Sox fans made a pretty sizeable contribution to the monumental new Yankee Stadium -- without even knowing it.

Right by the massive gates of the new $1.5 billion ballpark in the Bronx sits eight million pounds of Deer Isle granite that, according to The Associated Press, was quarried by die-hard Red Sox fans.

The Working Waterfront, a publication of the Island Institute, said New England Stone LLC provided the granite for the ballpark, which opened on April 16.

The granite came from the Crotch Island quarry, Maine's last major island quarrying operation. On that island works foreman Danny Hypes and his three-man crew -- all big Red Sox fans -- and together they produce 55,000 to 75,000 cubic feet of granite per year, the AP said.

Unfortunately for them, they didn't realize the destination of the batch that went to the new Yankee Stadium.

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