Yanks' bullpen roles not cemented

Yanks' bullpen roles not cemented

BOSTON -- Though Yankees manager Joe Girardi doesn't have a definitive blueprint for this year's bullpen, he'd like to find one. And soon.

"I think it's important," Girardi said. "That's why we want to get this ironed out as soon as possible. To know that when the phone rings, it's probably going to be me. ... That's one of the things that we need to work out as quickly as possible."

As it stands right now, Joba Chamberlain slots in as the eighth-inning setup man. Damaso Marte will face the toughest lefties, and David Robertson should see plenty of late-game situations. But Girardi is basing most of his decisions right now on statistics. He'd like to change that.

Ideally, Girardi would like to name an eighth-inning reliever, a seventh-inning guy, and so on and so forth. Creating such a pecking order may take all season. But it's important, he believes, to the psyche of a bullpen.

"Right now, we're looking at matchups a lot," Girardi said.