Torre 'proud' of Girardi's title

Torre 'proud' of Girardi's title

Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he didn't have plans to call Yankees skipper Joe Girardi on Tuesday after Girardi was presented his 2009 World Series championship ring. Torre, who won four World Series with New York as manager from 1996-2007, spoke with Girardi during Spring Training and said Girardi knows well how Torre feels about him.

"It's a proud moment for me, too," Torre said. "I talked to him before he accepted the job over there and wished him luck and told him to basically just go about it the way it should be. He went through a tough year [four] years ago [with the Marlins]. I'm happy for him. It worked out for wrong reasons, but he learned a lot, not only dealing with players, but with ownership."

In their home opener on Tuesday, the Dodgers hosted the D-backs' Ian Kennedy, who made his debut with Torre's Yankees in 2007. Kennedy struggled in 14 games for New York over the past three seasons before being part of a three-team trade this past offseason that landed Curtis Granderson in the Bronx. Some of those struggles, Torre said, can be chalked up to the pressure of New York.

"I sense just from reading statements and quotes that he seemed to be a little more sensitive than you can get away with in New York -- let's put it that way," Torre said.

Torre gave a no comment when asked whether umpire Joe West stepped out of line when he criticized the pace of Yankees-Red Sox games recently, but he did vouch for the intensity of the series.

"These people sitting in the stands, they're not wishing they'd get this thing over with," Torre said. "All I can tell you is a Yankees-Red Sox game is unlike anything else."

-- Evan Drellich