Granderson adjusting to new home

Granderson adjusting to new home

NEW YORK -- If you see Curtis Granderson hesitate slightly on batted balls, there is an explanation: The center fielder is still adjusting to playing in the new Yankee Stadium.

Granderson said on Friday that he has had some difficulty tracking balls off the bat, and he is not alone. The Angels' Torii Hunter told Granderson before Thursday's game that he had the same issue on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"I was trying to figure out what it was, and I'm still trying to put my finger on it," Granderson said. "It's an adjustment, partly because we didn't get a chance to get a workout day here. We jumped right from the start of the season.

"Hopefully, when we get more games in the outfield, it will be a little different, but I didn't really notice the issue coming over here last year. It could be the wind, it could be the early part of the season, it could be that I haven't been here since July."

Early last season, the talk was about wind tunnels carrying balls out on a jetstream, and it remains to be seen what this year's verdict will be. There was speculation that the demolition of the old Yankee Stadium might affect the flight of fly balls, and though it's much too early to tell, Granderson's first three April games here piqued his curiosity.

"The wind is doing some interesting things," he said. "I think some balls that were hit to the outfield -- Hideki Matsui's ball [in the second inning on Thursday] was interesting. I knew he hit it well, and I thought I would possibly be able to make a play on it, and then it ends up going over the fence.

"Then I watched the balls that Nick Swisher hit to center field [in the eighth inning], Marcus Thames' ball that he absolutely crushed [in the second inning], and they ended up being caught and hitting the fence."-- Bryan Hoch